From our inception, Black Joy has centered and remained determined to exist as a constant reminder of the happiness our community deserves. This does not mean we live a life devoid of sadness. We are traumatized. It goes without saying that we must stand firm in our fight for equity and justice for ALL Black lives. We wish to heal. We know joy to be a key part of the resistance. We want to use our talents to fund Black futures. So, we made a scholarship. We want you to carry joy. We want you to look down at your chest and be reminded that 
Black Joy is Real. 
Black Joy is native. 
Black Joy is Contagious. 
Above all, Black Joy is YOURS.

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Welcome to BLK JOY

A hub for all things Black and Joyous



"Black is not a color, but absorbs all the colors of the visible spectrum and reflects none. Joy is a feeling of great pleasure or happiness.

Black Joy looks like me, you, him, her & them. It knows no gender. Black Joy only knows prosperity in spite of white supremacy."

Our mission is to reinforce and promote positive black imagery. We are a brand by black people, for black people as a whole. We intend to be of service to our community and continue to help our people as best we can.


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